Welcome to the lush beautiful city of Ajloun. Ajloun is a city located north west of Amman and is home to Ajloun Castle, located on the site of an old monastery.

Welcome to the lush beautiful city of Ajloun. Ajloun is a city located north west of Amman and is home to Ajloun Castle, located on the site of an old monastery. The medicinal therapeutic sensations of the Dead Sea are incomparable to any spa treatment. The Dead Sea is also commonly known as the Salt Sea given that the water has 33.7% salinity making it 8.6 times more salty than the ocean. Welcome to the ancient Nabataean city of Petra. Petra was built in the 6th CenturyBCE and was a major traffic stop for caravans going to and from Saudi, Gaza, Egypt, Damascus, and Persia.Welcome to the Valley of the Moon, the largest and most famous wadi in Jordan. With its sandstone and granite rock formations breaking through soft red sands, Wadi Rum is the most spectacular natural site of Jordan.Welcome to the city by the Sea. Aqaba is the only port-city in Jordan at the shores of the ever-famous Red Sea. The Gulf of Aqaba lends its waters to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
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Classic Tours
Discover Jordan's incredible archaeological, historical, and religious sites. Visit Jerash, Amman, Ajloun, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, Kerak, Desert Castles, and much more. Float in the Dead Sea, relax in the hot springs of Hammamat Ma'in, and delight in the natural beauty of Dana National Park. Explore Petra, the ancient Nabataean city with monuments carved in red rock, an archaeological wonderland lying in dazzling landscape. Continue on the King's Highway to Wadi Rum Desert, with its famous red sand valley and the spectacular sandstone mountains. Relax in Aqaba on the Red Sea coast and enjoy the oriental atmosphere of the marketplace. Swim in the sea and discover the colorful underwater world.
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Adventure Tours
Jordan offers a variety of outdoor activities from leisurely walks to invigorating hikes, fun-filled camel trips, unforgettable horse treks, and adventurous 4x4 jeep tours. All of these experiences take place in beautiful areas such as wildlife reserves of Dana, the wild Shara mountains, the ancient city of Petra, the red sandstone Wadi Rum desert, the majestic dunes of Wadi Araba, and many more breathtaking landscapes in between. With a spectacular combination of nature and culture, our adventure tours are an endless thrill that will get more exciting the farther along on the tour we go.
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Extreme Adventure Tours
An extreme adventure tour is a tour that requires more on-foot hiking excursions. This tour takes the adventure tour to another level: more hiking and trekking, more gorgeous natural places, and more exciting adventure.
14   Days   14   Nights
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Camel Tours
Have the incredible experience of riding the “ship of the desert”, also known as camels. Magnificent animals that can survive long periods of time in the dry desert between water wells, camels are a symbol of the desert. Camels are still a major way of transportation when traveling in the desert on foot. Come and experience camels in their natural setting and learn how to ride them. Adopt the rhythm of the desert like the caravans of the old. Delight in this experience for as long as you would like. (For 6 or more people).
3   Days   3   Nights
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Camping Tours
Petra Caravan also offers specific experiences for travelers who wish to arrange a camping program while they are in Jordan. This would be perfect for travelers who have made their booking with us and have a few extra days to add-on more great experiences. You can have a tour for a few hours or decide that you would like to continue touring with us. Stay as long as you wish!
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